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Do you have a natural weight loss product or service that you want to advertise on this site? Drive quality results and extend your reach by partnering with the Natural Weight Loss Programs website.

The Natural Weight Loss Programs website has a reputation for providing credible advice on natural weight loss.

Issues surrounding weight loss such as blood sugar control, insulin resistance, diabetes, stress, depression, hormone imbalances, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), low thyroid gland function & nutritional supplements are all discussed.

Traffic Stats

We have an impressive Alexa ranking. The Alexa traffic rank sorts the millions of sites on the web by the number of visitors they receive. A higher rank indicates high traffic flow. For example: Yahoo! is #1 and Google is #2.

Our current ranking indicates high traffic flow to our website. Most people discover the Natural Weight Loss Programs website by searching on natural weight loss topics via the Google and Yahoo search engines.

This is our up-to-the-minute Alexa traffic rank:

Advertising Guidelines

We are selective about the products and services we endorse. We do not take advertisements unless we can absolutely recommend the product or service. Our reputation depends on it. Our visitors trust our judgment.

We prefer to offer your product or service as an added source of valuable information for our visitors. We are happy to build a page that links to a relevant topic. This is far more intriguing than a standard banner or a single text advertisement among dozens of others.

To keep it simple we charge a flat fee of US$180 to advertise for a year (payable in advance to our PayPal account). Your advertisement will be active for one year from date of payment. As you approach the 1-year renewal date, a reminder will be sent to you.

Once registered and all relevant information and photographs have been supplied, your weight loss product or service will receive its own dedicated web page.

We allow up to six (6) photographs (JPEG format) on your unique web page and a maximum of 400 words to describe your weight loss product or service.

Keep graphics as small as possible (under 20 KB is best, 10 KB is ideal), so your page loads fast. The maximum size for any image file is 100KB.

Use your relevant keywords in the body and title of the text. It is best to place keywords as close to the beginning of the page title as possible. This boosts traffic!

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