Author, Louise O'Connor - Naturopath & Wellness Coach

Expert Advice From A Qualified Naturopath is Now Available

To introduce myself… my name is Louise O’Connor and I’m a registered Australian Naturopath. For many years I had my own private practice where I treated numerous clients suffering with hypothyroidism.

My clients felt such relief when they first met with me. Finally someone understood their thyroid problem!

Often they were extremely frustrated with the conventional medical approach as they were finding it hard to get a proper diagnosis, the synthetic thyroid medication was not making them feel any better or they felt their symptoms were being downright ignored by their doctor when the thyroid TSH test was considered ‘normal’.

I gave them HOPE. YES it really was possible to recover their thyroid health…to finally feel better.

Because of my professional experience I have developed a unique depth of understanding of thyroid problems and the best natural solutions to recover thyroid health. In fact I’m now known as ‘the natural thyroid expert’.

I can also help you end the frustration with your thyroid health. The Natural Thyroid Diet which is available here is the exact same step-by-step plan I gave my clients. You can use it to recover your thyroid health literally starting today!

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