Basal Temperature Testing

Is Basal Temperature Testing An Accurate Way to Diagnose An Underactive Thyroid?

basal temperature testing for thyroid

Basal temperature testing is a simple and non-invasive way to test your thyroid health.

Your core body temperature, or ‘basal temperature’ as it is called reflects your metabolic rate which is largely determined by the activity of your thyroid.

In fact, a healthy body temperature reflects optimal thyroid hormone activity.

A basal body temperature test can be done at home, making this an easy way to assess thyroid activity. To do this test all you require is a good quality thermometer.

Procedure For Basal Temperature Testing

Place a digital thermometer by your bed before going to sleep at night

  1. On waking, place the thermometer in your mouth. It is important to make as little movement as possible. Lying and resting with your eyes closed is best. Do not get up until you have completed the test. 

  2. Read and record the temperature and date. 

  3. Perform this test on at least FIVE mornings, preferably at the same time of day. Menstruating women must perform this test away from time of ovulation. Your body temperature naturally rises at this time. If you are not sure when you are ovulating take the test on the second, third, fourth and fifth days of menstruation.

    Men and postmenopausal women can perform the test at any time.

Your basal body temperature should be between 97.6 - 98.2 Fahrenheit or 36 - 37 Celsius (36.5 Celsius is ideal).

Low temperature readings can indicate sluggish metabolism, often a direct result of an under active thyroid.

If your temperature appears to be below normal it is best to discuss your findings with your healthcare practitioner. Your basal temperature readings can be considered along with other possible signs and symptoms of low thyroid activity. 

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