Body Composition Testing Reveals Your Body Fat Percentage & Muscle Mass

If you want to get in shape, what you are actually trying to do is 're-shape' your body. Body composition testing can accurately calculate your body fat levels along with your muscle mass.

What can body composition testing tell you?

  • Do you have a healthy muscle to fat ratio?
  • Do you need to alter your lifestyle to increase your lean body mass?
  • Are you consuming the right diet for you?
  • What targets do you need to work towards for a healthier body?

What Is Your Ideal Body Fat Percentage?

  • Females Healthy range: 23-30%
  • Males Healthy range: 13-20%

What Is Your Ideal Lean Body Mass?

  • Females Healthy range: 30-40% (Ideal is 40%)
  • Males Healthy range: 40-50% (Ideal is 50%)

Natural Weight Loss

Natural weight loss is one of the best ways to permanently lose weight. This healthy approach to diet and exercise can help you make lasting changes. Plus long term weight loss will help reduce many of the common risks associated with excess weight.

Increasing muscle mass helps you get a lean, toned body. Also, a higher amount of muscle boosts your ability to burn body fat.

Achieving low body fat and high muscle tone with a natural weight loss program will help you achieve your body composition goals.

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