Insulin Resistance - 
Key Nutritional Supplements

If you have Insulin Resistance Syndrome the normal amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas no longer has the ability to unlock the door of the cells to allow glucose (blood sugar) to enter.

Your body then stores this unused fuel as body fat. For most people this body fat accumulates around the abdomen.

Along with changes to your diet and regular exercise, key nutritional supplements will assist blood glucose control to halt the ongoing cycle of weight gain.

Key Nutritional Supplements

  • Chromium
  • B Vitamins
  • Low Carb Protein Shake


This trace mineral works closely with insulin to facilitate the transport of glucose into the cells. It is a very important nutrient to assist blood sugar control. Your body only requires minute amounts and you will notice that the dose is in micrograms, not grams.

You may discover that Chromium reduces your sugar cravings.

Recommended therapeutic dose of Chromium: 100 – 400mcg of elemental chromium daily.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins work closely together to assist energy production and blood sugar control.

Most multi-vitamin mineral supplements contain a range of B vitamins along with important vitamins and minerals. Since they are more complete than a B-complex supplement it is recommended that you consider a good quality multiple vitamin and mineral supplement.

Recommended therapeutic dose: 1 Multi-vitamin mineral tablet daily.

High Protein Diet, Low Carb Diet Shake

A good quality high protein, low carb diet shake is recommended to assist body fat loss. This can be used as a meal replacement once a day or used as mid meal snack.

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