Organic Food For
Natural Weight Loss

Organic Food For Natural Weight Loss

Organic Food: Pure, Natural & Clean

Organic food is the fastest growing food sector in the world. Millions of people are turning their backs on conventional foods in favour of organic products.

There is mounting evidence that organic food is not only good for your health and the planet, but it may also help you lose weight!

Most conventional foods now act as metabolic disruptors. At a fundamental level these foods are disrupting how the body functions. Everyday foods often contain harmful amounts of toxic ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), MSG, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, artificial food colours and preservatives. They can also be genetically modified.

Further many packaged foods are contaminated with pesticides, heavy metals and processing chemicals. There is no requirement for these to be listed on food labels. It is common for food companies to seek to keep consumers ignorant of what is really in their products.

Harmful food ingredients disrupt normal metabolism making it harder to lose weight. Some foods also promote health issues such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Unhealthy foods will continue to be sold if consumers continue to purchase them.

Organic Food & Natural Weight Loss

The world's spiraling obesity rates are mainly due to the systems by which food is produced and consumed. The bottom line is most food is produced to generate a profit. Our food has become depleted of nutrients due to mass production.

If you suffer food cravings or you find yourself piling more on your plate you may not be meeting the nutritional demands of your body. The portion sizes that once provided sufficient nutrients may no longer be meeting your needs. Your body may be giving you the signal to eat more to meet your daily requirements.

When Possible, Go Organic!

Why not consider switching to organic food? There is no doubt choosing healthy organic foods can have a powerful affect on assisting your natural weight loss goals. Scientific studies continue to demonstrate organic food is packed with essential nutrients.

Good For You, Good For The Planet

Certified organic produce is grown using environmentally sustainable farming practices. Organic farmers do not use harmful synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In addition, synthetic chemicals, unnatural flavours, colours, preservatives and food additives are prohibited ingredients and are never added to organic food.

Ideally organic food should be sourced from your local area. Check your community directory for an organic food delivery service or visit a local organic food market.

Make sure the produce you are buying is truly organic. Organic produce should dispay an organic certification logo. This protects you as a consumer from misleading claims and is the mark of a genuine organic product. It means the product you are buying has been audited all along the production chain from 'paddock to plate' to comply with strict organic standards.

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