Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

Deva Delicious Nutrition high protein, low carb shakes

A message from Louise O'Connor, Naturopath + Wellness Coach

Getting the right balance of protein, fats and carbs is a 'must do' for natural weight loss.

These days protein shakes are a popular and convenient way to top up on your daily protein requirements.

What’s fueling the protein craze? Protein shakes are no longer just for body builders!

A great range of healthy and nutritious protein shake products are now available.

I highly recommend a good quality vegan protein powder.

Good quality plant-based protein powders feature certified organic sprouted + fermented whole grain brown rice protein.

Raw + vegan. Premium raw protein enzymatically extracted from sprouted + fermented whole grain brown rice

Pure + natural protein. Provides a good source of dietary protein that may contribute to the maintenance + growth of muscle mass.

Complete protein. The advanced raw extraction process harnesses the protein potential from all layers of the whole grain to deliver a complete protein with a balanced amino acid profile.

Hexane-free. The specialised protein extraction process does not utilise hexane, or other solvents at any stage of production.

Low allergenic. Whole grain brown rice protein provides a healthy + enjoyable alternative to whey, soy, egg and pea protein.

Smooth + delicious. Designed to be the perfect nutritional boost to nourish your body + soul. Simply add to your favourite smoothie or dessert recipe.

A vegan protein powder can be used to make great tasting protein shakes for weight loss.

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