What Causes Reverse T3 Dominance?
What is the Best Reverse T3 Dominance Treatment Strategy?

By Louise O'Connor, Naturopath + Wellness Coach

Reverse T3 dominance, sometimes referred to as Wilson's Syndrome is a common thyroid disorder.

When your thyroid is working well this gland produces both triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). These are the two key thyroid hormones.

T4 is considered the 'storage' thyroid hormone. When the body requuires a greater thyroid response T4 is converted to the more potent T3. When this occurs small amounts of a reverse T3 are also produced. Reverse T3 is used by the body when it wants to slow metabolism. This is often occurs when the body perceives a need to conserve energy.

Reverse T3 has the opposite effects of T3

If too much reverse T3 is produced your metabolism can become too slow. This can lead to symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Diagnosing high reverse T3 is not possible unless you test for this specific hormone. Only a single test of reverse T3 can identify this thyroid disorder.

Is Single T3-only The Best Prescription?

Reverse T3 dominance treatment should be done under the care of a healthcare practitioner who understands this complex thyroid disorder. They should be willing to discuss an alternate to standard levothyroxine medication.

Treatment usually involves a prescription of single T3 medication, or a combination of low dose T4/T3.

The reason T4-only medication is not recommended is that supplying the body with a greater amount of T4 can perpetuate the cycle of excess reverse T3..

Reverse T3 dominance may be due to the following factors;

* emotional stress
* adrenal fatigue
* latent infections
* chronic fatigue syndrome
* poor blood sugar control
* chronic inflammation
* nutrient deficiencies
* poor liver function

Treatment of reverse T3 dominance is more effective when all aspects of your health are addressed. This includes getting plenty of rest, eliminating as much emotional stress as possible, performing moderate exercise for stress control, targeted nutrients and a healthy thyroid diet.

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