Stress Health Tips:
Is It Really Is Possible To Lose Weight By Cutting Down on Stress?

The Answer is "YES!" And Here Are 12 Tips To Help You Get Started


By Louise O'Connor, Naturopath & Wellness Coach

Reducing stress in your life is fundamental to natural weight loss This could mean doing things you enjoy, eating a nutritious diet and getting plenty of sleep. Here are my top 12 recommendations to help you scale back on stress:

Take Time Out

Seek space and allow your mind to rest. The busier you are the more important it is to allow time to relax and bring focus to your life.

Seek Solace

Support networks, family and friends can help you create an action plan to help you take the necessary steps to reduce stress and improve your emotional wellbeing.

Follow Your Passion

Do things that you enjoy and feel passionate about. It makes your emotions soar.

Meditate and Listen to Healing Music

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety and allows us to reconnect with ourselves.

Retreat from Stress

Escape to a healing retreat to restore your mental and physical health.

Perform Regular Physical Activity

Exercise can be a powerful antidote. Exercise releases endorphines, creating a natural euphoria. Participate in some type of exercise most days. Walking, cycling, yoga, pilates and tai chi are all good forms of exercise.

Enjoy the Sunshine & Breathe Fresh Air

Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D, a deficiency of this pro-hormone affects emotional health. Deep breathing helps calm the senses and relaxes the mind.

Have a Blissful Experience

Massage therapy is a traditional healing technique that can reduce the effects of anxiety and tension in today's stressful world. This hands on treatment allows a deep state of relaxation to uplift your mood and calm tight muscles. The release of stress and tension then allows the body’s own healing process to begin.

Avoid caffeine

Coffee, tea, chocolate, guarana and caffeinated soft drinks are overstimulating. Individuals with higher levels of anxiety appear to be more susceptible to the actions of caffeine.

Stay Hydrated

Simple dehydration can alter brain function. The average individual requires at least 1-2 litres of filtered water daily.

Get Your Sleep

Quality sleep assists natural weight loss. Practice a calming technique like meditation before retiring.

Quit Smoking

Smoking stimulates the stress response by the adrenals. Overtime smoking prevents weight loss.

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