Is This The Ultimate Thyroid Hormone Solution?

A Leading Australian Naturopath Reveals How You Can End The Heartbreaking Struggle of Dealing With An Underactive Thyroid

There is little doubt a thyroid problem robs you of energy, you get easily stressed out, you have a constant brain fog, and because your metabolism is working well below par you cannot lose weight despite your best efforts to exercise and eat well.

An underactive thyroid also causes dramatic hair loss. For women this is often one of the most distressing symptoms of an underactive thyroid.

However there is good news...FINALLY!

the natural thyroid solution

It's Time To Unlock The Secrets To Transform Your Health

The Natural Thyroid Diet. The 4-Week Plan To Living Well, Living Vibrantly is the ultimate guide to treating hypothyroidism naturally. It is for the newly diagnosed, or those who are frustrated that they are still struggling with low thyroid symptoms after many years.

Easy to read and informative this eBook provides invaluable insights to help you gain a better understanding of your thyroid health challenges.

Without doubt credible information is a powerful tool that can help educate and empower you to take action on important health choices.

The Natural Thyroid Diet. The 4-Week Plan To Living Well, Living Vibrantly is an invaluable resource that provides readers with a user-friendly, step-by-step plan to help them get absolutely clear on what is required to navigate their thyroid health recovery. 

This is what you will discover from reading The Natural Thyroid Diet

  • Identify the clinical signs + symptoms that pin point a thyroid problem, even how to investigate your thyroid activity at home
  • Help solve the reasons why you have a lingering thyroid problem
  • Find out which tests to ask you doctor for so you can get a real medical diagnosis
  • What the thyroid medical tests actually mean
  • Identify + treat the underlying causes of your thyroid problem
  • Learn why synthetic thyroxine is often not an effective long term solution
  • Learn why reverse T3 dominance will never improve with T4 treatment
  • The best way to reduce reverse T3 dominance
  • Uncover which foods supercharge your thyroid + which foods sabotage your thyroid
  • Why soy foods harm your thyroid + your overall health
  • Discover the targeted nutrients that help boost thyroid hormone activity
  • Reduce thyroid stress + skyrocket your metabolism with a few simple physical activities
  • Why a hormone imbalance will push you towards a thyroid problem
  • Get practical information on how to avoid common thyroid damaging chemicals
  • Why thyroid health is critical for a healthy pregnancy
  • Why hypothyroidism stresses your heart + makes you feel breathless
  • Discover new information on why thyroid hormones may not be active at a cell level leading to thyroid hormone resistance
  • Uncover the simple truths to recovering your thyroid health in just a few short weeks!

The Natural Thyroid Diet

Real People, Real Results...

"Wow! Thank you. I was really struggling to get a medical diagnosis of my thyroid problem. I found a doctor that did all the thyroid tests you suggested. My thyroid antibodies are so high. If I had not read your book I would never have worked out that I have Hashimoto's. You have helped me so much."

Ms S, Tampa. Florida. USA.

"When a friend recommended The Natural Thyroid Diet I wasn't sure that changing my diet or taking nutritional supplements would really make a difference. For years I have battled with an underactive thyroid. But I have found that following these guidelines has certainly made a difference. This information is truly inspiring!"

Mrs B. via email.

"A big thank you! My husband and I both want to thank you for your support. Great information on a very complex medical matter that is easy to understand for everyone. Having struggled with health issues for many years it was quickly obvious what was the cause. I had an array of symptoms that are commonly not well understood with regards to the cause and the effects. You pointed me to the solution of my health problems and provided me with invaluable advice that helped me take action. I feel so much better now and much more active. Thanks again for everything."

Mrs CSR, Dusseldorf. Germany.

"I followed your advice and I am amazed! I feel back to normal. My energy levels are great and I feel ten years younger. I'm so glad I took the plunge and purchased your information. You have saved me many times the purchase price of your e-book. I was wasting my time and money trying to find the answers."

Mrs P, San Francisco, California. USA.

"I tried so many 'miracle cures' for my weight but nothing helped. I no longer believed anything would work. Only when a friend suggested it could be my thyroid did I start to think that there was a different way. I feel so lucky that I found your book. It has so many answers to why I was struggling to lose weight and why I felt so tired all the time."

Ms F, Fort Worth. Texas. USA.

"Fascinating information on reverse T3 dominance. Why doesn't my doctor know about this?."

Mrs D, Chicago. Illinois. USA.

"I have had a thyroid problem for years and years. I have spent a fortune without getting any real help. In some cases my problems got worse through wrong diagnosis and ineffective treatments. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me."

Mrs G, Sydney. Australia.

When You Purchase The Natural Thyroid Diet You Get A Free Bonus eBook

The Natural Thyriod Diet bonus

When you purchase The Natural Thyroid Diet eBook you also get instant access to a special bonus eBook Adrenal Fatigue & Your Thyroid. Tune Up Your Adrenals To Heal Your Thyroid.

What is adrenal fatigue?

Any stress, whether it is physical, emotional or psychological has a significant effect on the body's hormone system, especially when the stress is sustained.

Adrenal fatigue is a state of exhaustion caused by high levels of unrelenting stress. There is a strong connection between low thyroid health and poor adrenal function.

In fact adrenal fatigue often goes hand-in-hand with an under active thyroid. It’s therefore next to impossible to successfully recover from a thyroid disorder when there is a co-existing adrenal problem.

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This is not a quick fix, so please don't expect gimmicks or 'quick overnight results'. But we promise you when you follow the information in The Natural Thyroid Diet you will get results.

You are going to feel like a 'new you'! Why? Because once you understand your thyroid condition and start treating the causes you can naturally boost your thyroid health.

In fact, we are so confident that the breakthrough secrets revealed in The Natural Thyroid Diet every order comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means you have a full 60 days to get started.

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