What's Your Waist Measurement
How Do You Measure Up?

A simple way to assess your body fat risk is to take your waist measurement. A healthy measurement for women is below 80 cm and below 90 cm for men.

Women have a higher than normal body fat risk if their measurement is above 87cm. If you are male your risk is high if your waist measures above 102cm.

Keeping A Trim Waist Measurement  Can
Slash Your Health Risks

Extra body fat around the abdomen sits very close to vital organs and creates more stress on the heart. It is vital to lose this unhealthy belly fat.

Belly fat is strongly linked to elevated levels of insulin. It increases the serious risk of developing Insulin Resistance Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes.

How Do You Measure Your Waist?

Use a flexible tape to measure your waist at the point between the bottom of the ribcage and the top of the hip bone. How do you measure up?

Male: Less than 90 cm
Female: Less than 80 cm
Moderate Risk
Male: 90 - 102 cm
Female: 80 - 87 cm
High Risk
Male: Greater than 102 cm
Female: Greater than 87 cm

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