Curb Your Cravings
Feeling ravenous can undermine your resolve to stick to a natural weight loss diet. It can also make you eat the wrong types of food, even send you into an eating frenzy at your next meal. By adopting a few smart strategies, you can stick to a healthy diet & lifestyle.

Where Is The Protein?
Eat protein with most meals. This includes meat, seafood, dairy or vegetarian sources such as legumes. Protein foods boost satiety to reduce snacking.

Eat Regularly
Going too long without food causes your blood sugar levels to drop. This sparks your appetite, especially the desire for sugary foods.

Fill Up On Fibre
Fibre is found in fruits, vegetables & whole grains. These every day foods fill you up without piling on the calories.

Snack On Nuts
Raw unsalted nuts are the perfect snack to reduce the appetite hormones that drive your appetite.

Get Moving
Exercise decreases your appetite & elevates your mood. Enjoy a healthy meal after your workout.

Cleanse Your Palate
Have you tried brushing your teeth or having a refreshing herbal tea to curb your cravings?

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Wishing you the very best of health.

Louise O'Connor - Naturopath

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